What is a Shower Soother?

Shower soothers, also known as shower melts or shower steamers, are small tablets or discs that release aromatic scents when exposed to water and steam in the shower. They can help create a spa-like experience right at home!

Here's a step-by-step guide on how to use a shower soother:

  1. Prepare your shower: Start by adjusting the water temperature to a comfortable and warm level. You want the water to produce steam, which will activate the shower soother and release the scent.
  2. Unwrap the shower soother: Remove the packaging. Our shower soothers come individually wrapped for freshness and resealable bag for safe keeping.
  3. Place the shower soother: Position the shower soother in a convenient location within your shower. It can be placed on a shelf, a soap dish, or a flat surface away from direct water flow but close enough to the steam. You can also hang it in a small mesh bag or sachet. We also have small soap dishes available in our store for elevating your soother on the floor of your shower.
  4. Activate the shower soother: Wet the soother for 5-10s. As the steam builds up in the shower, the shower soother will begin to dissolve and release its scent. The fragrance will mix with the steam and fill the air with a pleasant aroma.
  5. Enjoy the aroma: Step into the shower and enjoy the fragrance. The scent may help you feel calm, invigorated, or rejuvenated, depending on the chosen fragrance.
  6. Duration: The shower soother will typically last for one shower session, slowly dissolving as the water hits it. If you have a larger shower or want a longer-lasting experience, you can use multiple shower soothers or place them strategically to extend their duration.
  7. Cleanup: After you finish your shower, there may be residue from the dissolved shower soother. Rinse away any remaining tablet particles or scent in the shower, so it doesn't stick to surfaces and minimizes the risk of a slip and fall. If you have any remaining soother left, place on a soap dish or in the organza bag to dry to use again for your next shower!

Enjoy your shower with the soothing scents of our shower soothers! Available now here!

Position your soother! Here is an example of some positions to place your soother for maximum results:

Your results will vary based upon a number of factors such as steam, position, shower size, etc. See what works for you!

Here is a demo video of the placement and explanation of what they are: 
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