The History of the Quarry

The History of the Quarry

The history of the quarry was passed down to me from my neighbor. 

The quarry behind my house was active until some time in the 1970's. A farmer owned all the land (70+ acres). 6 sets of friends approached the farmer to purchase the land. Once he confirmed they were serious, he sold the families the land. They subdivided and sold off the piece of property across the street as housing lots in the 1980's, and they divided the remaining into 6 housing lots (one being mine) with 30+ acres of wooded common land for them to share.

The 6 houses were built by the families, by hand, together. My fireplace is surrounded by rocks from the quarry. They found my well (for water) using dowsing rods! They all helped each other, raised their families here together, and retired here together.

As they got older, they sold off most of the houses, turned some of the land into a couple extra lots, and the giant piece that was shared, was gifted to the town and declared conservation land in 2019. There are still some of the original families here today, one being my sweet neighbor in her 80's.

The quarry is full of life - it is not deep enough on all sides to hold water, but it does have some. When I adventure out there (just steps from my back porch), there are usually birds and squirrels chattering away. We have many deer, a bear (that was scary!), some bobcats, and my good friend the porcupine! The bunnies and raccoons also come over and visit with the cats in the window from time to time. 

It is very peaceful and serene, and I absolutely love it here. This place is my peace. I will share videos of the quarry in the spring so you can see its pure beauty! This is truly where my soul belongs.




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